18 amazing places to visit in Prachinburi

Prachinburi is a popular tourist destination near the city, known for its vast array of natural and historical landmarks. The province offers stunning forests, mountainous terrain, and cascading waterfalls, as well as a rich history that can be explored through its ancient and historical sites. The tranquil ambiance of the province makes it an ideal getaway for those looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tourists can plan their visits to the province for morning, evening or during the day to take in the sights and sounds of the place and also enjoy the local food and atmosphere. With an extensive range of cool and carefully curated attractions to choose from, travelers can plan their trip to suit their interests and time availability.

Mueang District

Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Building

Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Building is located within the Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital in Prachinburi and is a well-known tourist attraction. The retro-style yellow building is a popular spot for tourists to take pictures of. It serves as a learning center for herbs and traditional Thai medicine, with an herb garden open for viewing. The building’s design is inspired by European baroque architecture. Visitors can find inside exhibits that showcase the history of Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr, the legend of the royal doctor, traditional Thai medicine, folk medicine and traditional Thai medical equipment.

Wat Kaeo Phichit

Wat Kaeo Phichit is a historic and significant temple located in the Muang District of Prachin Buri Province, along the Prachinburi River. It is situated near the Abhaibhubejhr building. One of the most striking features of the temple is its ubosot, which has been renovated and now features red brick and pink colors with intricate carved patterns. The architecture of the ubosot is a unique blend of Thai, Chinese, European, and Khmer styles, making it one of a kind in the country and distinct from other temples.

Chakrabongse Reservoir

Chakrabongse Reservoir is located in the Khao Eto Waterfall Forest Park in the Mueang District of Prachinburi Province. It is a large reservoir situated at the foot of Mount Ito and was built as a part of the royal initiative of King Rama IX, to provide water for local farmers during the dry season. The reservoir offers an excellent opportunity for visitors to enjoy the natural beauty and serene atmosphere of the area, surrounded by picturesque mountains and the tranquility of the water. Tourist activities at Chakrabongse Reservoir include cycling, hiking, and taking in the views from the dam crest. Additionally, visitors can also engage in tent camping by the water.

Phra Buddha Dvaravati

Phra Buddha Dvaravati, also known as Sri Prachin Sirindhorn Lokkanat, is a sacred site located on the same route as Chakrabongse Reservoir, within the Khao Eto World Park Buddha area. It is home to the largest Naga in Thailand, which is considered a revered object in the city and a center of spiritual significance. The Buddha image was sculpted by a local monk, Phra Pang Nak Prok, known for his unique artistic style and it is considered one of the oldest in the land of Siam. Visitors can take in the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and greenery from the viewing terrace surrounding the Buddha image. It is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Prachinburi.

Khao Eto Waterfall

Khao Eto Waterfall is located within the Khao Eto Waterfall Forest Park and is a stream that flows consistently throughout the year, with a higher water flow during the rainy season. The waterfall features small pools of water on each level, interspersed with rocks. These pools are not deep, and the water flow is not too strong. The waterfall may not be very large, but its highlight is the opportunity to sit and relax among the rocks, and experience the flow of water as closely as possible. The waterfall also features trees that provide shade as well as a bit of humidity and a light breeze, which makes the atmosphere cool and enjoyable for relaxation.

Pha Hin Sorn Viewpoint

Pha Hin Sorn Viewpoint is a steep cliff located in the Khao Ito Waterfall Forest Park, and is a popular viewpoint offering panoramic views of the city of Prachinburi. From the large rock, one can see the city covered with lush trees and greenery. It is a must-see attraction in the Khao I-to Waterfall Forest Park, best enjoyed in the early morning or evening when the light is just right. Visitors can take in the beautiful scenery, enjoy the good weather, and the breeze blowing through the trees, making for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Yusuksuwan Museum

Yusuksuwan Museum is located around 6 kilometers from the city of Prachinburi and is surrounded by a variety of beautiful plants. The museum is known for its vast collection of lanterns, which can be found hanging throughout the space. The exhibits include over 10,000 different types of lanterns, such as storm lanterns, wind-up lanterns and antique items. Visitors can explore a wide range of lanterns and antique items on display.

The River Café & Bistro

The River Café & Bistro is a stylish waterfront café located in Prachinburi, decorated in a modern loft style. It features many attractive photo angles and is located opposite Wat Kaeo Phichit, the well-known temple in Prachin. It is a perfect spot for visitors to relax and unwind after exploring the various attractions in the area, with a comfortable and laid-back waterfront atmosphere.

Land of the Fireflies

Land of the Fireflies is situated within the 2nd Artillery Regiment, Queen’s Guard, No. 1, Moo 5, Phrom Yothi Camp, Mai Khet Sub-district, Mueang District. The location is known for its abundance of lush forests, surrounded by a variety of small and large trees, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere that attracts hundreds of thousands of fireflies to congregate. Visitors can witness the magical sight of fireflies illuminating the forest with their golden yellow light at night. The best time to see the fireflies is during the rainy season from June to July, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Prachin Buri National Museum

Prachin Buri National Museum is a historical and archeological museum located in the Eastern region of Thailand. It serves as a repository for displaying and collecting antiques and artifacts from various archaeological sites in the Eastern region and surrounding areas, including the provinces of Prachinburi, Sa Kaeo, Chachoengsao, Chonburi, Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat. The exhibits showcase the history of the area from the time of human settlement, which is about ten thousand years ago, up to the present day.

Na Di District

Crested Naga flower field

Crested Naga flower field is located within the Suan Sak Supha Resort, which is a well-established resort that offers whitewater rafting services. The resort has created a field of large Crested Naga flowers that is open to visitors, where visitors can walk through the flower bed, taking close-up photos of the flowers. It is a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts, visitors can get their cameras and selfie-taking equipment ready to capture the stunning views of the rainbow-colored flowers. The flowers start blooming from September to January, making it an ideal time to visit.

Wat Rattanettaram

Wat Rattanettaram or Wat Lan Hoi, located in Amphoe Na Di, Prachinburi Province, is a temple known for its intricate architecture adorned with various types of shells. The various buildings within the temple are decorated with shells, creating a unique and beautiful display of art. It is considered a rare example of Buddhist art made from shells and is the only one of its kind in Thailand. Visitors can admire the beauty of the temple and appreciate the faith in Buddhism of the people in the area.

The Verona at Tub Lan

The Verona at Tub Lan is a tourist destination and shopping area inspired by the city of Verona in the Veneto region of Italy, known as the setting of the world-famous love story, Romeo & Juliet. The area aims to create a romantic ambiance with various architectural replicas such as the Castelvecchio bridge, Lake Garda, the Arena outdoor courtyard, the Lamberti Tower, Clock Tower, Bell Tower, and Erbe Square, giving visitors the feeling of walking through a real Verona replica. It is located amidst the serene mountain atmosphere of Thap Lan and is marketed as “The Land of Love, The Kingdom of Relaxation.”

Kaeng Hin Phoeng (rafting)

Kaeng Hin Phoeng is a popular destination located at Ban Nong Nae, Saphan Hin Subdistrict, Na Di District, Prachinburi Province. It is a rafting route known for its challenging difficulty levels ranging from 3 to 5 on a distance of more than 4.5 kilometers, which takes around 2 hours of adventure on the river. The beauty of Kaeng Hin Phoeng is at its peak during the flooding season, which typically occurs from July to October.

Thap Lan National Park

Thap Lan National Park is the second-largest national park in Thailand, spanning an area of 1,397,375 rai and covering parts of the districts of Pak Thong Chai, Wang Nam Khiao, Khon Buri, Soeng Sang in Nakhon Ratchasima Province and Na Di in Prachin Buri Province. The park has faced significant forest destruction, with only a small remaining area of forest in Ban Thap Lan, Ban Khun Si, Ban Bu Phram, and Ban Wang Dam in Prachin Buri Province. The park offers a variety of tourist attractions such as a forest and recreation park, Thap Lan Waterfall or Heaw Nok Kok Waterfall, Thap Lan Reservoir, Bo Thong Waterfall, Huay Kham Phu Waterfall, and Huay Yai Waterfall which are considered the highlights of the park.

Si Mahosot District

Si Mahosot Ancient City

Si Mahosot Ancient City is a large ancient Dvaravati city that was once an important seaside port and a center of prosperity in arts, culture, traditions, and Buddhism. It spans an area of approximately 700 rai and contains more than 100 archaeological sites, mounds, ponds, and wells scattered throughout the city. One of the main historical sites in the city is Sa Kaeo, an ancient pool, with the edge of the pool carved into various animal motifs, which is the oldest of its kind in Thailand. Other notable tourist attractions in Si Mahosot city include Wat Ton Pho, which houses the most sacred and ancient Sri Maha Bodhi tree in Thailand, aged 2000 years, the image of Luang Pho Dvaravati that is enshrined and an old Buddha image in front of the district office, which is considered very sacred.

Sa Morakot Archaeological Site

Sa Morakot Archaeological Site is a large group of ancient Buddhist sites that were built over many generations, beginning before the 14th century and continuing until the 18th century. The majority of the buildings at the site are made of laterite and brick, with only the foundations remaining. During excavations, a unique feature was discovered, a pair of Buddha footprints carved into the laterite, with Dhammachak images on both sides of the feet, and a carved cross in the center with a hole for a pillar. It is believed that these footprints were built during the Dvaravati period to the Lopburi period and were used for embroidering umbrellas or tiered umbrellas. This pair of Buddha footprints is considered the oldest in Thailand.

Wat Ton Pho Si Maha Bodhi

Wat Ton Pho Si Maha Bodhi is an important temple in Si Mahosot District that is considered a source of ancient civilization and an important archaeological site for study and knowledge. The temple features many sacred places and artifacts that are worth visiting for worship. One of the most significant features of the temple is the first Bodhi tree planted in Thailand, which is a descendant of the original Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya in India. This tree is the largest and oldest in Thailand, being over 2,000 years old and spreading out into a wide area. The locals consider it a sacred place and the tree is surrounded by a fence with a balcony where visitors can pay their respects to the Buddha images in various postures that are enshrined in the area.

Naga Park

Naga Park or Luang Pu Sot Buddha Park is located in Kabin Buri District, Prachinburi Province and is a popular destination for visitors who come to pay homage and pray for blessings. The park is home to a large number of Naga sculptures, which are considered works of art and are known for their beauty. The sculptures are said to be so beautiful that the park is rumored to be “Kham Chanod 3” in the midst of the way of belief, holiness that never diminishes. Visitors can admire the detailed and intricate design of the Naga sculptures which are believed to bring good luck and blessings. It is considered an important religious and spiritual place for the locals and visitors alike.

Location: 2W4H+M4R, Ban Na, Kabin Buri District, Prachin Buri 25110, Thailand