13 interesting places to explore in Sa Kaeo

Sa Kaeo Province, located on the eastern border of Thailand, boasts a variety of unique and noteworthy tourist attractions. The province’s slogan, “The border of the East, beautiful forests, beautiful waterfalls, with traces of ancient civilizations. Thai-Khmer Trade Area” serves as a reminder of the diverse experiences that can be found here. In terms of natural beauty, Pang Sida National Park offers visitors the chance to explore lush forests and witness stunning waterfalls. Additionally, the province is home to ancient stone castles such as Sdok Kok Thom, providing insight into the ancient civilizations that once inhabited the area. Lastly, the province is known for its Thai-Khmer trade history, although it does not have a famous border market like Rong Kluea Market, yet it has many new and unique places to explore. Visitors to Sa Kaeo Province can look forward to a diverse array of experiences, from immersing themselves in nature to delving into the rich history of the region.


Lalu” is a unique and spectacular natural wonder found in Sa Kaeo Province’s Ta Phraya District. It has similarities to other natural wonders such as Phae Mueang Phi in Phrae Province and “Sao Din Na Noi” in Nan Province. It is created by rainwater erosion and collapse of the soil, resulting in various shapes resembling a cliff city wall. The sculptures are scattered in different spots, each zone having its own unique characteristics. The best time to visit is in the morning and evening when the sunlight illuminates the golden clay sculptures. Visitors can also take an E-Tak car to see the stars at night while viewing the clay sculptures.

Prasat Sdok Kok Thom

Prasat Sdok Kok Thom, located in Khok Sung District of Sa Kaeo Province, is a significant ancient Khmer castle that is the largest of its kind in the eastern region of Thailand. It is believed to have been built in the 14th century for the purpose of enshrining idols and performing rituals in accordance with Hindu beliefs. The name Sdok Kok Thom translates to “a city overgrown with reeds in a large swamp,” and remnants of the former great swamp can still be seen today. The most valuable and important aspect of Prasat Sdok Kok Thom is the discovery of the Sdok Kok Thom stone inscription which records the history of the Khmer people spanning a period of up to 200 years.

Pang Sida National Park

Pang Sida National Park is located in the Mueang District of Sa Kaeo Province. It is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts due to the variety of rare wild animals and over 300 species of birds that can be found there. One of the best spots to observe wildlife is at Huai Klong Plu, near an abandoned farm where animals come to drink water. Visitors may spot wild elephants, gaurs, barking deer, deer, wild boars, and a variety of colorful butterflies, particularly during the rainy season when butterfly watching activities are at their peak (June-July). With over 350 types of butterflies, it’s an ideal spot for capturing beautiful and colorful images.

Wat Tham Khao Chakan

Wat Tham Khao Chakan is a temple located in Khao Chakan District, Sa Kaeo Province. The area surrounding the temple, known as Khao Chakan, is made up of three limestone mountains, which are ancient formations estimated to be around 2-4 thousand years old. Khao Chakan is the largest of the three mountains and is home to an important cave, Tham Khao Thalu, which contains a replica of the Buddha’s footprint. The cave also has several smaller caves such as Tham Hanuman, Tham Maha Sing, Tham Nam Thip, and Tham Kaew Phlai Chumphon, however, these caves are not easily accessible to visitors. The area surrounding the temple is also home to a large number of bats that can be observed flying together at dusk.

Nana Dhammasathan

Nana Dhammasathan is a meditation center located in Watthana Nakhon District, Sa Kaeo Province. It was created by Buddhists who donated their own funds to establish the area. The center features over 320 large white Buddha statues, including three main statues, as well as over 5,000 smaller statues on the opposite side. This impressive display is a popular destination for photography enthusiasts and those interested in Buddhism.

Wood House Khao Chakan

Wood House Khao Chakan is a renowned coffee shop located in Sa Kaeo, known for its stunning views of the limestone mountains of Khao Chakan. The restaurant features a bamboo path that leads to a mountain viewpoint, surrounded by fields of yellow cosmos flowers and other rotating plant species. The most popular spot for taking photos is from the high angle view tower or bamboo hut, where visitors can sit and enjoy a cold drink while admiring the mountain views. In the evening, the restaurant offers a unique experience as millions of bats fly out of Khao Chakan Cave to seek food, creating a mesmerizing display. The menu includes a variety of drinks such as pearl milk tea, Thai tea, and cocoa, as well as savory dishes like papaya salad and fried chicken.

Wat Khao Singto Skywalk

Wat Khao Singto is a temple located in the Mueang District of Sa Kaeo that offers a 360-degree viewpoint of the city, as well as the chance to worship the ancient and well-preserved Buddha’s footprints. The temple features a skywalk staircase that leads to the top of the mountain, which is the first of its kind in the eastern region. Climbing the 300 steps to the top takes about 20 minutes. Once at the summit, visitors can ring a bell three times for prosperity and enjoy the view from the upper patio, which is adorned with the international Buddhist flag known as the Chapphanrangsi flag.

Rong Kluea Market

Rong Kluea Market is a well-known and long-established marketplace located in the Aranyaprathet District of Sa Kaeo Province, close to the immigration point of Aranyaprathet-Poipet between Thailand and Banteay Meanchey Province in Cambodia. It is considered the largest eastern border market and is a hub for the retail and wholesale of second-hand goods. The market attracts visitors from all over the world looking for good quality products at affordable prices. The market is open every day and is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Phra Prong Reservoir

Phra Prong Reservoir is located in Watthana Nakhon District of Sa Kaeo Province, it is a marsh that is used to store water for agriculture. During the months of May to August, there is a water bird-watching festival held at the reservoir. Many different types of water birds come to live in the area, including birds, snakes, and cormorants, which primarily feed on fish in the Phra Prong Dam. Some of these birds, known as “snake birds” dive into the water to catch fish and their necks appear as if they are snakes. Apart from the water birds, Phra Prong Reservoir also offers a diverse range of wildlife and natural scenery. Visitors can enjoy activities such as taking a boat ride, rafting, fishing, and bird watching. Among the birds, the Cormorant or snake bird is particularly interesting as it is an endangered species and Phra Prong Reservoir is considered to be one of the largest living sources of snake birds in Thailand, with sightings of up to 70-100 birds. Additionally, Phra Prong Reservoir also offers delicious fish restaurants at affordable prices and boat trips to explore the area’s natural beauty.

Tha Krabak Reservoir

Tha Krabak Reservoir is located in Watthana Nakhon District, about 8 kilometers away from Pang Sida National Park. It is a royal initiative project that was established to improve the irrigation system in the foothills plains. The area surrounding the reservoir is lush with a variety of trees, both perennials and ornamental plants, making it a popular tourist destination for its beautiful scenery. It is an ideal spot for those looking to relax and explore nature, particularly in the evening when the sun is near the horizon and the sky turns a golden color above the huge waters of the reservoir.

Kaeng Sadao Waterfall

Kaeng Sadao Waterfall, located in Wang Nam Yen District, is not only a picturesque natural attraction but also a learning center for the community to learn about sufficiency economy. The waterfall was formed when a dam was built to release water, creating a serene and cool atmosphere that is perfect for relaxation. Visitors can dine by the waterfall and take in the beauty of nature while also taking pictures by the large water wheel that serves as a landmark of the area. The waterfall is surrounded by a bamboo garden which is a great spot to sit, relax, and enjoy a meal. There are also shops, toilets and camping area available. The entry fee is 5 baht per person, children are free and camping area is 50 baht per tent.

Tham Phet Pho Thong (cave)

Phet Pho Thong Cave is one of the major attractions of Klong Hat District, it is a medium-sized cave situated in the mountains that runs parallel to the ground. The cave boasts natural beauty, including a variety of stalagmites, stalactites, and other geological phenomena, such as the formation of golden Bodhi leaves. The cave’s name comes from the rusty color of water seeping through the cave walls. The cave maintains a cool and comfortable temperature, and it has four halls that are perfect for taking photos. The first hall is the entrance of Phet Pho Thong Cave, the second hall is the large tunnel hall, the third hall is Muk Prad Phet Room, a large chamber that boasts glittering sand and diamond-like stalactites. The room also has a white pagoda in the center of the room that resembles the trunk of a Bodhi tree. The fourth and last point is the entrance to the cave castle, where you will find a stalagmite that looks like a Buddha image, so the villagers call it the gathering place of the deities.

Khao Siva Water Cave

Khao Siva Water Cave is another one of the eastern region’s notable tourist attractions, located at Ban Khao Chan Daeng in Khlong Hat District. The cave is unique in that it has a water flow that runs throughout the year. It is a 500-meter deep cave, with water levels ranging from 10 to 220 centimeters. The cave boasts natural beauty that is on par with other famous caves. It offers an exciting and adventurous journey as visitors have to wade through the water to explore the cave’s interior, hence the name “Khao Siva Water Cave” making it an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts.

Kasorn Kasivit School

Kasorn Kasivit School is a cattle bank project established by the Chaipattana Foundation under the guidance of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. The school is located in the Muang District and aims to train farmers in the proper care and use of buffaloes for agriculture and mixed animal husbandry, as well as promoting self-sufficiency. It offers the opportunity for individuals to learn and practice buffalo plowing and farming techniques, following in the footsteps of the King’s initiative for self-sufficient agriculture. It is a great place to gain both hands-on experience and knowledge about farming with buffaloes.