17 great places to visit when visiting Lampang

Lampang is a mountainous province in northern Thailand, east of Chiang Mai. Khelang Nakhon is a city located in Lampang, it is known for its slow pace of life and beautiful ancient architecture. It is a great place to relax and experience the traditional culture of Lanna Thai, as well as enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Visitors can take their time exploring the city, visiting temples, and admiring the intricate art and design of the local buildings. Overall, Khelang Nakhon is a peaceful and charming destination for those seeking a break from the fast-paced world.

Chae Son Hot Spring

Chae Son Hot Spring is a popular tourist destination located in the Chae Son District of Lampang Province. It is situated within the Chae Son National Park, and is known for its hot mineral springs that are filled with natural rocks. Visitors can enjoy soaking in the hot springs, which have a temperature of 70-80 degrees Celsius, and can even cook eggs in the water in just 25 minutes. The national park has also built a standard mineral bath for tourists to use, and the area is beautifully decorated to feel like a private resort, making it a great choice for families. In addition to the hot springs, the park also offers a chance to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Baan Pamiang 

Baan Pamiang is a village located in a serene valley surrounded by lush forests and a cool stream. It is known for its slow pace of life and simple, warm community. Visitors can stay in a homestay and relax while taking a leisurely stroll through the village to experience its refreshing atmosphere and friendly locals. The peaceful surroundings and natural beauty of the village are said to have a healing effect on the mind and body.

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang is a highly significant temple located in Lampang Luang Sub-district, Ko Kha District. It is known for its beautiful and well-preserved wooden structures and is home to the revered “Phra Kaeo Don Tao” or Emerald Buddha. Visitors can also marvel at the unique phenomenon of inverted relics shadows, which can be seen in both the Buddha Temple and the alcove.

Wat Phra That Doi Phrachan

Located in Tambon Patan, Mae Tha District, Lampang Province, Wat Phra That Doi Phra Chan is a peaceful mountain temple that offers beautiful views of the surrounding area. It is particularly known for its Lanna architectural style and the Big Buddha Daibutsu, a large blue-green Buddha statue reminiscent of those found in Japan. Visitors to the temple can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and take in the stunning views, particularly during the rainy season and winter when the morning mist adds to the beauty of the surroundings.

Wat Chaloem Phrakiat Phrachomklao Rachanuson

Wat Chaloem Phrakiat Phrachomklao Rachanuson is a beautiful temple located in Chae Hom District, Lampang Province, known for its small white pagoda built on a high mountain surrounded by other tall mountains. The unique image of this temple has made it a popular destination for tourists who want to see it for themselves. The temple was formerly known as “Wat Phra Phutthabat Pu Pha Daeng”.

Kad Kong Ta 

Kad Kong Ta Walking Street is a popular attraction in the old community of Lampang, located parallel to the Wang River. The area is known for its historic buildings, which are over a hundred years old and feature a mix of European, Chinese, and Burmese architectural styles. Many of the houses have been renovated and now serve as shops, restaurants, and coffee shops. Visitors to Kad Kong Ta Walking Street can browse through a variety of products for sale, including food, clothing, and souvenirs, and experience the charm of the old houses and the rich history of the area. If you are visiting Lampang, be sure to stop by Kad Kong Ta Walking Street to fully experience the beauty and culture of the province.

Dhanabadee Museum

The Dhanabadee Museum is a museum in Muang District, Lampang, which showcases the history of the Dhanabadee Group and the origins of Lampang’s famous ceramic chicken bowls. Visitors to the museum can see the ancient production process for these bowls, as well as observe the modern production process firsthand. The museum aims to preserve the art and culture of ceramics, as well as to educate those interested in learning about ceramics and art.

Ban Sao Nak Lampang

Ban Sao Nak is a unique wooden house located in Muang District, Lampang Province. It is known for its 116 teak pillars and its blend of Burmese and Lanna art styles. It is an example of the traditional way of life, tastes, and traditions of the Lampang people, and is considered a valuable architectural work.

Lampang Street Art

The River Street Art Project in Lampang is a campaign that involves talented artists creating works of art along the walls of houses in the downtown area along the palace river, around Ratsada Bridge and Kad Kong Ta Walking Street, which are popular tourist attractions in Lampang. The street art images created as part of this project are meant to be hidden and are accompanied by cute stories, as well as images that showcase the identity of Lampang.

Wat Si Chum

Wat Si Chum is known for its large standing Buddha image called the “Maha Uma Patimakon” or “Great Mother Image.” This image is considered one of the largest standing Buddha images in Thailand, and it is carved from teak wood. Located on Thipwan Road, Suan Dok Subdistrict, Mueang District, visitors can also see the ancient scriptures and artifacts that are housed in the temple, making it a popular destination for history and culture enthusiasts.

Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao

Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao Suchadaram is a temple located in the Mueang District of Lampang Province, situated along the Wang River. The temple is built on a large mound, and is known for its beautiful Lanna-style architecture, which was influenced by Burmese art. It is an ancient temple, with a history dating back over 500 years. It was once home to the Emerald Buddha, and is known for its beautiful, intricately carved ubosot. Visitors can appreciate the temple’s history and architecture, as well as its beautiful surroundings along the Wang River.

Wat Chedi Sao Lang

Wat Chedi Sao Lang is a temple located in Mueang District, Lampang Province, on the Lampang-Chae Hom Road. It is known for its beautiful pagodas, with “sao” in the northern language meaning “20 houses”, hence the name “Wat Chedi Sao Lang” meaning “temple with 20 pagodas”. The temple is considered valuable in terms of both history and antiquities, with evidence suggesting that it was built over a thousand years ago, based on the discovery of Hariphunchai period amulets found at the site.

Wat Pong Sanuk

Wat Pong Sanuk is a temple located in the Wiang Nuea Subdistrict of Mueang District in Lampang Province. It is known for its beautiful Lanna-style architecture, including its Phra Upasot and other temple buildings. One particularly notable feature of Wat Pong Sanuk is its Viharn of the Thousand Gods, which won the Outstanding Cultural Heritage Conservation Award from UNESCO in 2008. This hall, which is in the shape of a chaturamuk, is unique in Thailand.

Muang Ngao

Ngao District, also known as Muang Ngao, is a small area located in Lampang known for its peaceful atmosphere. It has a long history dating back more than 700 years, and was once known as Muang Ngern, a major city in the Lanna Kingdom. Visitors can explore the district’s rich history and culture, as well as its natural beauty and the unique way of life of its ethnic people.

Merit Bridge, Wat Phra That Sandon

Saphan Boon Wat Phra That Sandon, also known as Khua Tae, is a bamboo bridge located in Ban Wang Ngoen, Mae Tha District, Lampang Province. It stretches for 360 meters through the rice fields of the village, and connects the parking area near a restaurant on Route 11 to the east side of Wat Phra That Sandon. The bridge was built in May 2017 with the help of donations from the villagers, who provided the rice fields and bamboo needed for its construction. It was created to make it easier for people to access Wat Phra That Sandon, without having to take the longer old route.

Ratsadaphisek Bridge

The White Bridge, also known as Ratsadaphisek Bridge, is located in Hua Wiang Subdistrict of Mueang Lampang District. It spans the Wang River and is made of reinforced concrete. The bridge features a white chicken symbol and a Royal Garuda at its head, and has long been a symbol of the Lampang province.

Thung Bua Tong

Thung Bua Tong is a stunning lotus field located in the Mae Moh area of Lampang Province. It is situated within the Mae Moh Power Plant and offers breathtaking views of the fields of naturally growing lotus flowers, set against the stunning backdrop of the surrounding mountains and shimmering water sheets. Visitors can take in the beauty of the lotus fields at the designated viewpoint, which is the perfect spot to watch the sunset.