16 interesting places to explore in Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi is a province that offers a variety of attractions and activities for tourists throughout the year. The province is located near the seaside and is known for its natural beauty, including forests and a waterfront location. It is also rich in history and culture, and visitors can enjoy activities such as homestay and eating crab. Located just a few hours from Bangkok, Chanthaburi is convenient to travel to and is a popular tourist destination. If you are planning a holiday in Chanthaburi and are looking for a cool place to visit, there are many options to choose from in the province.

Tha Luang Riverfront Community

Tha Luang Riverfront Community, also known as the Chanthaboon Riverside Community, is a neighborhood located along the Chanthaburi River. The community is known for its ancient houses, which were built during the reign of King Rama V and are almost a hundred years old. The houses are characterized by their delicate and beautifully carved wooden patterns on the shutters and corners of the buildings. Visitors to the community can take a walk and admire the architecture of these ancient houses, which have been preserved for tourism and are of historical value. The community is located from the foot of Wat Chan Bridge all the way to the lower market.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a beautiful Gothic cathedral located in downtown Chanthaburi, Thailand, in the same area as Satreemadpitak School. It is characterized by its Gothic art and decorated with fretwork and stained glass. The cathedral is home to a statue of the Virgin Mary, which is a central figure in Christianity and is depicted with a calm expression and sparkling kindness. Inside the cathedral, visitors will find calmness and beauty, with European decorative arts on display. The building has stood for more than a century and is not only a beautiful church, but also a center of faith for Christians in Chanthaburi and the entire eastern seaboard.

Wat Pak Nam Khaem Nu 

Pak Nam Khaem Nu Temple in Tha Mai District features a stunning blue ceramic church with intricate floor patterns that resemble ancient porcelain vessels. The vibrant blue and white colors stand out and make this temple a popular photographic landmark and tourist destination. Many people are drawn to the unique design and share pictures of the temple on social media. If you visit this temple, you’ll be sure to be captivated by its beauty and want to take lots of pictures.

Chanthaburi Gem and Jewelry Center

Chanthaburi Gem and Jewelry Center is a hub for learning about and purchasing high-quality, government-certified gems and jewelry at factory prices. The center includes a large gem museum where visitors can learn about the history of gems and jewelry in Chanthaburi, from their sources to the production and processing stages. The museum also features a 3D video room that tells the story of the gem and jewelry industry in Chanthaburi. If you are interested in gems and jewelry, this is a great place to visit and learn more about the industry.

Pak Nam Khaem Nu Chaloem Phra Kiat Bridge

Pak Nam Khaem Nu Bridge is another beautiful destination in Tha Mai District. It offers breathtaking views of the sea and the local fishermen going about their daily lives. In the evening, you can watch people cycling and fishing along the bridge. There is also a small park and pavilion on the bridge where you can relax and take in the scenery. The bridge itself is a great spot for photos, including a giant kilometer marker that shows the distance to different locations. For example, it is only about 4 kilometers from the bridge to Chao Lao Beach. If you visit in the evening, you’ll enjoy the cool breeze that blows across the bridge.

Baan Thung Ple Homestay

Thung Ple is a community located in Makham District, Chanthaburi Province that is surrounded by natural beauty. The area is characterized by fertile plains covered in trees, and there is a stream with a waterfall running through the community. Many of the villagers grow fruit trees, such as durian and longkong, as well as rubber trees and other crops. Seeing the potential for tourism in the area, the villagers decided to create homestay accommodations near the beautiful waterfall and fruit orchards. Tourists have been visiting Thung Ple consistently throughout the year, drawn by the peaceful atmosphere and the opportunity to visit the waterfall and orchards. If you love nature and the peaceful atmosphere of streams and green mountains, Thung Ple is a great destination to visit in Chanthaburi Province.

Noen Nang Phaya Viewpoint

Noen Nang Phaya Viewpoint is a well-known destination in Chanthaburi Province for its beautiful views of the sea and mountains. The viewpoint is located along a road that runs along the coast and passes through several popular beaches, including Khung Wiman Beach, Khung Kraben Bay, and Laem Sing Beach. The road is known for its stunning views of the sea and mountains and is considered one of the most beautiful roads in the east. The Chalerm Burapha Chonlathit Road is 111 kilometers long and is a great place to drive, cycle, or simply enjoy the views. There is a dedicated bicycle lane along the shoulder of the road for those who want to cycle.

Khung Kraben Bay Mangrove Forest Education Center

Khung Kraben Bay Mangrove Forest Education Center is a tourist attraction located in Tha Mai District that was established under the Royal Initiative to promote the study of natural conditions and ecosystems in mangrove forests. The center features a nature study route that stretches for 1.6 kilometers through a wooden bridge and into the mangrove forest. Along the route, visitors can see various plants, such as mangroves, large leaves, and red prongs, and observe small animals like mudskippers and mangrove crabs running around in their natural habitat. The route is shaded by trees on both sides, providing a cool and peaceful environment for exploring the mangrove forest.

Chao Lao Beach

Chao Lao Beach is the most popular beach in Chanthaburi and is known for its relaxed, natural atmosphere. Although the water is not crystal clear and the sand is not white, the beach has a charm that draws visitors in. If you stay at Chao Lao Beach for a night, you are likely to fall in love with its laid-back atmosphere and affordable, delicious seafood. The beach is a great place to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind, even if it’s just for a short time.

The Pink Coast (Lan Hin Chomphu)

The Pink Coast, also known as Lan Hin Chomphu, is a tourist attraction located within the Khung Krabaen Non-hunting Area in Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi Province. It is characterized by a series of reddish-brown rocky shores that stretch along the beach, providing a stunning view of the surrounding islands. The Pink Coast is a popular viewpoint for its strange and beautiful landscape, which is formed by pink stones.

Ban Hua Laem Pagoda

Ban Hua Laem Pagoda, also known as Ban Hua Laem Chedi, is a distinctive and interesting destination located near the Ban Hua Laem Fisherman’s Wharf in Na Yai Am District, Chanthaburi Province. The pagoda is over 200 years old and is situated on a rock in the middle of the sea. It is believed to have been built to honor the spirits of fishermen. Visitors can reach the pagoda by crossing a wooden bridge that extends about 50 meters over large and small rocks into the sea. The pagoda is a unique and significant site for those interested in history and religion.

Sky View Cafe

Sky View Cafe is a beautiful restaurant located by a cliff next to the Pha Suk Niran viewpoint. The cafe can be accessed by a short walk up a hill, but the view from the restaurant is worth the effort. From the storefront, you can enjoy a stunning view of the sea, as well as colorful lights and sunsets in the evening. Inside the cafe, there are plenty of photo opportunities, including a net stretched out over the sea and a white stairway that resembles a Bali bird’s nest. If you visit Sky View Cafe, you can be sure to capture some beautiful pictures to take home with you.

Location :  Chalerm Burapha Chonlatit Road, Chanthaburi

Namtok Phlio National Park

Namtok Phlio National Park is a large protected area covering parts of Laem Sing District, Khlung District, and Makham District in Chanthaburi Province. The park is home to complete forests and complex high mountains that are the sources of many streams. One of the park’s main natural features is the beautiful Namtok Phlio waterfall, which flows all year round and is a popular destination for recreation. The area around the waterfall and canal is home to a variety of fish, making it a fascinating destination for those interested in nature and fishing. Namtok Phlio is well known and beloved by tourists for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities.

Khi Kai Prison

Khuk Khi Kai, also known as the Chicken Dung Cell or Chicken Poop Prison, is a historical site located in Laem Sing, Chanthaburi. The prison was built in 1893 by the French during a dispute over land on the left bank of the Mekong River. It was originally called the French Fort and was used to imprison Vietnamese soldiers, Chinese people, French subjects, and Thai people who were against France. The prisoners were kept in cells below while chickens were raised above to provide food for the prisoners. The prison was no longer in use after the French withdrew from Chanthaburi, and today it stands as a reminder of the past.

Wat Khao Sukim

Wat Khao Sukim is a Buddhist temple located in Tha Mai District, it was originally a mountain retreat known as Khao Ekim, but was transformed into a temple due to the strong faith of Buddhists in Phra Ajarn Somchai Thitawiriyo. The temple is a place of meditation for Buddhists, and features a large Buddha image on the wall, as well as an arch around the image in the shape of a 9-headed Naga. The temple also has exhibitions of wax figures of various spiritual masters, and has a meditation center where visitors can practice Vipassana. The base of the Buddha image and the arch around it are adorned with Swarovski crystals and Ki, and the image has an inscription of the Phor Por Ror monogram.

Buddha’s Footprint Khao Khitchakut

Buddha’s Footprint at Khao Khitchakut is a popular tourist destination and is the site of an annual festival that involves worshipping the footprint. This is believed to bring good fortune and is particularly popular around Chinese New Year and Makha Bucha Day. The annual worship ceremony at the site is held during the first waxing moon of the third lunar month, which typically falls in late January to March. The ceremony is attended by many people who come to pay their respects to the Buddha’s footprint, and is overseen by officials from Khao Khitchakut. It sounds like a beautiful and significant place for Buddhists to visit and pay their respects.